Sunday, October 20, 2019


His name, of course, is Esper.


The tweet has been deleted. But its ghost walks, at least for now. And if the ghost disappears, I have a screenshot saved.

[Resettlement is a word with a dark history. “We have secured the Oil”: meaning?]

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The Crow said...

Meaning Putin wasn't getting the oil deal he wanted with the Saudis so he pulled the strings on his US puppet, got him to abandon the Kurds so his Turkish puppets would rush in and do his shite work for him.

Hail to the New World Dictator, Vladimir Putin, SSOB. What the hell is he going to do when The Orange One and his minions are impeached and/or voted out of office? Then, when the Turks realize Putin played them for fools and has left them to hang for his crimes? I wouldn't want to be the target for Turkey's revenge, if I were Vlad the Bad. Turks do not play nicely when they've been betrayed.

(TOO's tweets are his safe channel to Putin. Right out in the open, TOO tells NWD that his mission has been accomplished. Oh, the brass of the man!)

Michael Leddy said...

It feels as if we’re all trapped in a really, really stupid movie.

His replacement tweet puts more of this tweet’s language into Esper’s mouth. And it leaves out “Bringing soldiers home!”

Fresca said...

"really, really stupid movie"

I wonder what a Hallmark Holiday Movie of this would be...