Thursday, October 10, 2019

Nancy, and more Nancy

Highly recommended, two new books from Olivia Jaimes: Nancy: A Comic Collection, which collects the first nine months’ worth of Jaimes’s version of the comic strip, and Nancy’s Genius Plan, a board book that enlists its reader in Nancy’s scheme to sneak a piece of cornbread. Funny, clever, wonderful stuff. Nancy includes an interview with the pseudonymous Jaimes, an appreciation by cartoonist Hilary B. Price (of Rhymes with Orange), and “Fan Art of Nancy,” by Jaimes. Here’s a sample, Ecce Sluggo:

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[If the Sluggo baffles you, this news item will help. Olivia Jaimes is no doubt aware of Joe Brainard’s Nancy hijinks, which you can see here and here.]

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