Thursday, June 27, 2019

“Youth and sardines”

Jean, a painter (Daniel Gélin), and Joséphine, a model (Simone Simon), are breaking for lunch — some nice fish. Big fish? Jean asks. Joséphine replies from inside the house.

Jean is disappointed.

Joséphine is pragmatic.

Jean is doubtful.

Joséphine is more cheerful.

As they prepare to eat, Jean is rhapsodic. He never tires of looking at Joséphine, he says. “There’s the most extraordinary grace in your every ordinary gesture,” he tells her. “Leaning toward me, getting into a carriage, raising your arm, reaching out to me, eating sardines.” And:

[Le Plaisir (dir. Max Ophüls, 1952). Click any image for a larger view.]

It must be love.

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Pete said...

“Old age and salmon, youth and sardines.” You must be younger than your photo suggests!

Michael Leddy said...

Ha! Younger by the day.