Saturday, June 29, 2019

“Western-style liberalism”

From The Washington Post:

As the news conference wore on, Trump seemed to confuse a broader discussion of the fight over global governance with his personal grievances against Democrats.

When a reporter asked if the president agreed with Putin’s suggestion, in a recent newspaper interview, that “Western-style liberalism” was in decline, Trump had another thing in mind.

He criticized the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco, which he said are “sad to look at” because they are “run by liberal people.”
I’d say that what’s sad to look at is the ignorance on display here. Compounded by cognitive decline?


The full exchange (with Peter Baker of The New York Times) is even worse. Thanks, C-SPAN:

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Daughter Number Three said...

Pair this up with his lack of knowledge of busing as a school integration tool (he thought it was just a way to get kids to school). We already were aware he knows nothing, but... the reminders, they burn.

[By the way... the recent change to the captcha for commenting is pretty painful itself.]

Michael Leddy said...

New bus policy in four weeks, right?

Elaine mentioned the captcha. But if you’re logged into a Blogger account, I think you can ignore the “I’m not a robot.” I do every time, on any Blogger blog.