Monday, June 10, 2019

Chrissie Hynde plays Mingus

Chrissie Hynde offers an interpretation of Charles Mingus’s “Meditation on a Pair of Wire Cutters” (aka “Meditations on Integration” and “Meditations”). Hynde nicely reimagines one of the piece’s themes, highlighting the element of exotica. But there’s an awful lot missing.

Here’s a 1964 recording from Mingus at Cornell, with Johnny Coles (trumpet), Eric Dolphy (bass clarinet, flute), Clifford Jordan (tenor sax), Jaki Byard (piano), Charles Mingus (bass), and Dannie Richmond (drums).

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Anonymous said...

Hi. I look forward to reading some of your blog (I like, but know far less about, music).

Quick question: On the Rex Parker blog, you wrote: "One reason I solve in syndication is that the puzzle's sense of what's cute or funny too often leaves me cold." But why does solving 6 weeks later help, with regard to the puzzles' themes? Or, do you mean that solving via syndication = you're not paying for the NYT (and don't want to, because their puzzles sometimes aren't to your liking) -- ? Or, other?

If you post a reply here, I'll look for it here. Thanks. And if I've erred by going OT, I apologize.

Michael Leddy said...

Thanks for the question, Anon. I subscribe to the online Times, but gave up paying for the puzzle. Because the puzzle is there, I feel obligated to solve it, but I don’t like it enough to pay.

Speaking of music, a Times clue that identified Mel Tormé as a “cool jazz pioneer” bugged me enough that I e-mailed Will Shortz. As with the recent (and non-trivial) BEANER fiasco, the response was less than satisfactory.

Matthew Schmeer said...

Hm. That link to the Chrissie Hynde article doesn't work for me for some reason. The domain looks like a strange, generic Wordpress blog right now, too. Weird.

Michael Leddy said...

That doesn’t say much for Rolling Stone. :) I just tried and the link is work. The music is also at YouTube.

Michael Leddy said...

The link is working.