Friday, March 9, 2018

Oui yogurt

It’s worth buying a four-pack of Yoplait Oui yogurt just for the little glass jars. Remove the label, scrape the glue from the rim, and you have a lovely five-ounce cup. Perfect for holding cream or milk. Perfect for holding hot water to pour over instant oatmeal. Perfect for holding a couple of ounces of whiskey while the news plays. Perfect for holding a couple of ounces of paper clips, because it is a little early for whiskey, or whisky.


June 6, 2018: And perfect for making Vietnamese coffee.

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[Now with a better photograph. When I took an earlier one, I thought, “That’s the best I can do.” And then I realized that I could do better.]

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Chris said...

This trend in yogurt marketing strikes me as being very curious. A few weeks ago my wife bought a yogurt from a company called La Fermière that was packaged in a very attractive light blue container that appears to be some kind of crockery (image here). It has "Single Service Use Only" stamped on the bottom but naturally we're keeping it, though we haven't decided what use to put it to yet. Doesn't it cut down on repeat buying if you know that a product's container is so nice that you won't throw it out? How many of the things can you accumulate, after all?

Michael Leddy said...

It is a curious trend. I think we gave up after four packages of Oui (sixteen jars). We ended up recycling the last four jars.