Tuesday, March 20, 2018

“On the Road”

Here is a fourth (and probably final) piece of Lassie fan-fiction. You can click on each image for a slightly larger page. Enjoy.

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[The lines that Buz recites are from sonnet 18: “Kiss me, rekiss me, & kiss me again: / Give me one of your most delicious kisses, / A kiss in excess of my fondest wishes: / I’ll repay you four, more scalding than you spend.” From Louise Labé, Love Sonnets and Elegies, trans. Richard Sieburth (New York: New York Review Books, 2014). Paul Martin recites Exodus 22:21 (KJV). The Timmy and Buz backstories will be familiar to fans of Lassie and Route 66. This story has a few treats for anyone who’s read my other Lassie stories.]

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Fresca said...

What? Is Timmy really adopted? Maybe his parents never had sex even once then! (I think of how the actress said she was only allowed to kiss Mr. Martin chastely. Hey, maybe there's a backstory there...)

I love your Lassie fic, and this one is maybe my favorite. Even though I don't know Route 66, I totally get the meeting of two worlds. (Also, I looked it up.)
The way the father talks the pool duded down by quoting the Bible---ha!

You nicely caught the tension between Home and Freedom (the kind that's just another name for nothing' left to lose). Makes me wonder what this Timmy is going to grow up to be like. (Do we ever find out?)

I expect I will have more to say---just wanted to say something right away.

Oh, yes, and also---FB data mining is serious stuff, but it makes me laugh to think what's in your shadow file.
"Let's pitch this guy .... let's see... says here, 'some rocks,'... uh...poetry books, and stationery supplies. Oh, and a collie."

Michael Leddy said...

Thanks, Fresca, for your generous appreciation of this stuff.

Yes, Timmy is adopted. He’s found in the Miller barn — before there were Martins, there were Ellen Miller, her son Jeff, and Gramps. Timmy ran away from the elderly relatives who cared for him, thinking he was a burden. Long story short: Timmy lives with the Millers; Gramps dies; Ellen and Jeff sell the farm to a young couple, the Martins; the Martins adopt Timmy; Jeff gives Lassie to Timmy. That Timmy is adopted is never mentioned again. We never find out his future: the Martins move to Australia and leave Lassie with next-door neighbor Cully Wilson. And then a forest ranger adopts Lassie, and the show took another direction. A lot of Lassie is at YouTube. The going-to-Australia episode is there, the first of these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIfCsrMVEYQ. Pretty heartbreaking.

Fun fact: the Martins were first played by Jon Shepodd and Cloris Leachman (!).

God knows what Facebook has on me. Yeah, rocks, ink, words.