Sunday, March 11, 2018

The return of the phone booth, sort of

The New York Times reports on the return of the phone booth, sort of — phone-booth-like structures that afford privacy in open-floor workplaces.

Perhaps someone, someday, will come up with the novel idea to have employees work in ones or twos in small rooms with doors — and then it’ll really be the world of tomorrow.

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Andy Eng said...

I find it amusing how the article seems to link the rise in mobile-phone use with the irritation of the one-sided conversation. Don't these people realize that that is pretty much how all phones work - even the antique corded versions? I guess in a formerly phone-free environment, I can understand the irritation factor, but we're talking about an office environment, for crying out loud. I shared an office for years with two other people and none of us ever had our work derailed by someone being on the phone. I mean, Bob Newhart owed much of his career to the one-sided phone conversation!

Pete said...

Hmmm, the closed office concept. You just might be onto something here.

Daughter Number Three said...

The first coworking space in Minneapolis is located in the former Grain Exchange floor, about two-thirds the size of a football field. All along one long side of the room are the original wooden phone booths, dozens of them, that were used by the traders back in the day. Now they serve the cell phone users who want privacy or don't want to disturb others.