Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vietnamese coffee at home

Our kitchen is now the East-Central Illinois Institute for Vietnamese Coffee Studies, equipped with two filters, a can of Cafe du Monde, and (for the non-vegan) a can of Longevity Brand condensed milk. We found these items at our favorite Asian market.

We're now three for three making Vietnamese coffee. The photograph shows the drip process, with coffee collecting above condensed milk. Elaine and I are planning to acquire several more filters ($3.89 each) with which to serve visitors to the Institute.


June 6, 2018: The little glass jars that hold Yoplait Oui yogurt make great cups for Vietnamese coffee. A perfect fit for the filter.

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thalkowski said...

I'll be making a reservation for a tour of your testing facility the next time I make a trip down to see my colleague at UI-Bloomington.

Michael Leddy said...

The Institute welcomes your interest.