Monday, August 14, 2017

“School supplies and fun

[Life, August 31, 1953. Click for a larger view.]

Notice the date on this Life advertisement: it’s almost September, and there’s still time to buy school supplies. Perhaps you tarried after reading last week’s full-page Pedigree ad? No rush. And speaking of “no rush”: do click for a larger view of the pencils and cases, the cheerful copy, the reference to last week’s ad, and the spritely figures scampering about the page.

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Slywy said...

And Pedigree comes with a "brass band."

School in WNY always started the Tuesday after Labor Day. The horrors of starting school in August. Still so much summer left!

We didn't have air conditioning.

Michael Leddy said...

August temperatures here have sometimes meant shorter school days. No air conditioning in classrooms, natch.

Slywy said...

In WNY, there used to be little air conditioning in homes. I'm sure that's changed.