Saturday, August 5, 2017

Index-card recommendation

Found this afternoon at our friendly neighborhood multinational retailer: Pen + Gear Graph-Ruled Index Cards. They’re a bit on the thin side, but they take ink well, without feathering or bleeding through. And they’re printed with a very fine light-blue grid (five squares to the inch) that doesn’t get in the way of what one is writing or drawing or mapping. These cards are much better than Oxford or Staples grid cards, and a fraction of the cost of Exacompta: 48¢ for 100 cards. Highly recommended.

[The “friendly neighborhood multinational retailer” is Wal-Mart. Pen + Gear is a store brand. The cards are manufactured in India. For those who are more particular than I am: the grid is not always perfectly aligned to the card.]

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Slywy said...

Curious about what you use index cards for.

Michael Leddy said...

Random jottings, shopping lists, quick calculations, anything that I need to write down on the spot.

Slywy said...

I was reading a purported history book that I hated. (About the Bounty, in which the author expresses a major crush on Bligh and nearly faints at his manly authority.) I wrote extensive notes pointing out all her biases, inconsistencies, etc., on index cards that were in a wallet. When it came time to write about the book . . . it had disappeared. Typical.