Monday, January 9, 2017

That’s a good idea, Nancy

[Nancy, November 30, 1949.]

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The Crow said...

I'm making turkey-rice soup today, something that cold weather inspires. (That, and leftovers from Thanksgiving!)

Nancy and Sluggo would be welcome at my table. :)

Michael Leddy said...

Lipton Noodle yesterday for lunch (a childhood food I can’t abandon). For dinner tonight I’m making cabbage soup. But I bet Nancy and Sluggo hate cabbage.

The Crow said...

I'm going to guess that Sluggo likes it. My reasoning? The patch on the elbow of his jacket tells me Sluggo is closer to poverty than to middle class, where Nancy lives with her aunt. As one personally familiar with the low-income lifestyle and having watched my mother feed a family of seven on slim pickings, I know about cabbage soup. If we had them, Mom added potatoes to the pot, too. Even when my family moved to up middle-class, we often had cabbage soup still. It was one of our comfort foods as kids.

I suspect Sluggo would have enjoyed it even as an adult. I certainly do. 'Tis a good soup day today.

(Michael, the following bit of nonsense is too long, so edit/delete as you wish. It was written just for your amusement, anyway.)

Do you ever wonder what happened to our cartoon friends after they grew up?

I think Nancy grew up to become an upper-level manager, maybe at a hospital.

Sluggo started his financial empire as a shoe-shine boy outside a downtown hotel, going on to own not only that hotel, but several others, challenging the Trump of his day for title of King of Towers. Sluggo was awarded a Nobel prize for his urban renewal work, turning slum areas into low-income housing communities, with schools, hospitals, shopping areas and beautiful parks and greenways all within walking distance. Public transportation ran on hydrogen fuel, reducing pollution. In areas unsuitable for habitation, wind turbines and solar panel farms generated most of the communities' electrical power needs, further reducing humanity's "carbon footprint'.

Sluggo retired early with more money than he knew what to do with and set up foundations to help the disadvantaged, including a well-respected think-tank that worked successfully to combat poverty, hunger, illiteracy and joblessness worldwide.

One of his projects significantly reversed the effects of global warming by desalinating the increase in seawater levels, using it to reclaim drought-damaged areas around the globe. Long-dry areas were turned into sustainable forests, arable farmland, other applications which cleaned up the air, and cooled the land. Those actions changed weather patterns to bring rain back to the regions, thus stabilizing weather systems, reducing the numbers and severity of nature's storms. The ozone layer was replenished.

When approached to run for political office, as one would expect, Sluggo declined, stating, "While I am deeply honored to be asked, I believe I can do more to help the world by continuing the works I've already begun. Thank you for your offer."

I'd say his father knew what he was doing when he named his son Horatio, even though that name led to his nickname, "Sluggo".

Michael Leddy said...

Martha, there’s no editing or deleting comments in Blogger, but do you think I’d really tamper with your inventions? No way. I think this kind of hopeful and playful thinking is going to come in handy many, many times in the near future.

I’ve never imagined comics characters as grown, but I have imagined a later life for Marty Piletti: