Saturday, January 7, 2017

New Koch

The New York Times reports on Charles and David Koch’s efforts to promote fossil fuels by winning over minority voters: “The Kochs’ public relations drive takes a page from minority outreach by other industry lobbies, like those representing tobacco and soft drinks.” Cigarettes, soda, and fossil fuels: a winning combination for personal and planetary well-being. The Times quotes the director of a nonprofit group who describes the Koch strategy as “exploitative, sad and borderline racist.” Borderline?

It’s never too late to begin boycotting Koch products. No Brawny, no Dixie, no Georgia-Pacific, &c.

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Anonymous said...

By making a buying decision at your local gas station or flying on a domestic airline, you are supporting fossil fuels whether or not you purchase a brand of paper towel. Which fossil fuel will you personally boycott?

Michael Leddy said...

I think that the development of alternative energy sources is a better way to effect significant change than an individual boycott of fossil fuels. I drive a hybrid car and fly on a plane once in a while. If you’ve figured out a way to live without fossil fuels in 2017, more power to you.