Monday, January 30, 2017

Shopping for supplies

Lorelai is helping her father get his new consulting business in shape. So she takes him shopping for office supplies. From the Gilmore Girls episode “Help Wanted” (May 7, 2002):

“Before anything else can happen, you need pens, you need paper, you need everything else, don’t you?”
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[I’m exercising extreme restraint in quoting from this endlessly quotable series, which I’m watching for the first time.]

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Stefan said...

Don't exercise too much restraint, Michael. We loved this show when it originally aired, and of course, a big part of the fun is noticing certain pop culture references that others might miss. You are sure to notice more and different things than we did, so I hope the Gilmore Girls posts continue. Thanks for the Trump one. It provoked what may have been my first post-election, Trump-related laugh.

Michael Leddy said...

Okay, Stefan, I won’t hold back. I’m adding this comment right before I pour water for coffee and put a Pop-Tart in the toaster. I’m not joking.