Sunday, January 1, 2017

First sentences

My variation on a first-sentences meme from Robert Gable’s aworks: take the first sentence from each year’s posts to make a new-year blog post. So:

“If you’re going to be this uptight and worried about it, you’re not going to be a very happy blogger.” Another adventure in cooking. My wife Elaine mentioned yesterday an observation of Leonard Bernstein’s in his lecture-series The Unanswered Question — that audiences inevitably hear tonal patterns in atonal music. My wife Elaine and I just discovered a wonderful film, Ernst Lubitsch’s Trouble in Paradise (1932). Small calendars for the new year, well designed and free. Poster from the Illinois WPA Art Project, artist unknown. Looking for some resolutions? If you’re stuck fumbling for a resolution or two, you might try Monina Velarde’s Resolution Generator. I’m a sucker for a good free calendar. Click for a larger view. Click for a larger view. Click for a larger view. Caught on tape: “This is a close-up of our real family life: having boring stuff doing.”
[The Resolution Generator is, alas, defunct. I remember “Drink more tea.”]

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Elaine said...

Patrick Merrell has a free and quirky calendar; the link is on FaceBook.... (There are mice.)