Saturday, January 7, 2017

Recycle that kiss

[Mark Trail , December 12, 2015; January 7, 2017. Click for larger if not steamier views.]

Look closely: that kiss has been recycled. Telltale details in today’s strip: Cherry’s hair bumps, Mark’s ear, the missing pixel below the rear corner of Mark’s sideburn. Or did he cut himself shaving?

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[In the first panel of today’s strip, Mark attempts to placate Cherry: “Come on, baby, it’s not as though I plan on bad things happening!” Those words sound like a tender variation on Mark’s 2015 effort to placate his editor: “Ha! . . . That wasn’t exactly my fault!”]

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Slywy said...

Cherry's eyelid/eyelash are different. Kissing! Ewww! More critters and forest, please.

Michael Leddy said...

Now I can’t unsee that stray mark on her 2017 eyelid. If I look too long, I see an alien’s open eye.

Don’t worry: the mushy stuff can’t continue for more than a day or so before Mark is off on another adventure.