Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Life imitates Gilmore Girls (and doesn’t)

Paris Geller is clearly considered to be the most qualified candidate for student-body president. The most competent too. Her minions Louise and Madeline have done the polling. But what else is there? Likability. And there, she falls short. And to a person, the students say that Paris’s lack of likability will influence their vote. And Paris doesn’t want to believe it. From the Gilmore Girls episode “I Can’t Get Started” (May 21, 2002):

“You mean people would rather vote for a moronic twink who they liked over someone who could actually do the job?”
The Internets figured out a Hillary Clinton–Paris Geller parallel a long time ago. I’m watching the Gilmore Girls for the first time and figured it out for myself. Spoiler: Paris is elected, with likable Rory Gilmore as her running mate. Too bad the United States isn’t the Chilton School.

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