Friday, February 5, 2016

Word of the day: kindie

I noticed the word on a poster: “The face of kindie music.” It was easy to figure out: k + indie — an indie version of kids’ music, with nice overtones of the German kinder and of what kids used to (and still do?) call kindygarden .

Kindie has thus far eluded dictionary definition, but Wordnik has a page for the word, with a citation that does a nice job of defining. From a Washington Post article about XM Radio’s Kenny Curtis:

Fortunately for Curtis and the millions of parents seat-belted within listening range, this is the golden age of “kindie” rock, a new generation of quality folk, pop and world music geared toward kids and parents alike.
The recent appearance of vinyl for the young must be a related development.

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Sean said...

At least it wasn't kidnie music, then there might have been all kinds of bands like Johnny and the Nephrologists, Ronny and the Renals, The Kidnie Beans, etc.

(In my defense, that sounded funnier in my head before I typed it.)

Michael Leddy said...

You have some gall.