Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Today in sardine history

Our son Ben is drawing history, at History Comics.

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Fresca said...

Also, baby Abraham Lincoln in a top hat.
I've added "History Comics" to my blogroll.

Michael Leddy said...

I’ll make sure he sees that. The Lincoln is my favorite. No offense, sardines.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Fresca! - Ben

stefan said...

Wow, great work, Ben. I wanted to say so sooner, but first I had to find something. This post reminded me that I had--somewhere!--a collection that Ben and his friends drew long ago, when he was 10. I finally found it, and it's terrific. Do you remember this? It is called Born in the Y2K and features the work of the Junior Cartoonist Society. I'd say that the majority of it actually involves Ben's character Gran, but there are several other contributors. It's in great shape. (I apparently tucked it away in a cedar chest, so it's been protected despite 4-5 moves.) I'm torn between offering to send it back to you since it might have sentimental value, and holding on to it so that I can show it off when Ben becomes famous. (I'm teasing, of course, though not about the getting famous part. I'd be happy to send it if any Leddy is interested.)

Michael Leddy said...

That’s a way generous offer — thank you. We have copies though. There’s another, Gran’s Alien Donut Shop  , which mashed together the stuff of three Junior Cartoonists in its title. They’re somewhere in the archives — I’ll ask Elaine.