Monday, February 8, 2016

1992 : 2016 :: 1968 : 1992

From The New York Times :

Mr. Clinton seemed especially irritated that New Hampshire, after lifting his 1992 bid for the Democratic nomination and handing [Mrs. Clinton] a comeback win in 2008, would now abandon his wife.
Time is relative: we hear half-century-old music playing in the supermarket and think nothing of it. But the idea that Bill Clinton’s 1992 success in New Hampshire should have anything to do with a 2016 election seems to me quite bonkers. It’s like thinking about Bill Clinton’s first presidential bid in relation to somebody else’s 1968 primary.

Besides, it’s not “New Hampshire” that votes. It’s individual citizens, many of whom are feeling the Bern. Some of them weren’t even born in 1992.

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Pete said...

The Clintons have accumulated a lot of baggage since 1992. Maybe New Hampshire voters realize that far more clearly than Bill does.