Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Scene from a marriage

[Nancy, January 20, 1951.]

I’m the one on the right. Logic: if the gods had wanted us to shovel snow, they would not have given us such a big driveway. But shovel we must — after the blizzard gets done.

When did you last hear someone say “Naw”?

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The Crow said...

I say it all the time...naw, not all the time, but frequently. Seriously.

The Crow said...

...though when I say it, it comes out 'naawh,' not like it rhymes with raw or saw or gnaw. So, maybe I'm not saying the same word, though I think I am. Naawh, probably not. :)

Michael Leddy said...

I often say “nah,” like the beginning of “napkin.” The OED has both “naw” and “nah.” It gives two American pronunciations of “naw,” the first rhyming with “saw,” the second sounding like the start of “noggin.” It’s American pronunciation of “nah” sounds like the beginning of “noggin.” Merriam-Webster has what sounds like my pronunciation.

The Crow said...

Yeah (sounds like yehh, long 'h' sound, coming out of my mouth), my pronunciation is the noggin one.

Regional differences, do you suppose?

Michael Leddy said...

I think that must be it.

Speaking of “it,” I just saw my mistake: “It’s American pronunciation.” Its . Its .