Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday at the beach with Hi and Lois

In Hiandloisville, offshore drilling has begun.

What is happening to this comic strip?

[Hi and Lois, August 24, 2008.]

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Sara said...

Why are the birds about the same size as the children? Were they exposed to radiation of some sort? (The children, I mean.)

Michael Leddy said...

I'm not sure, but I don't think I've ever seen little children playing so casually in the presence of gulls.

Hi looks like a giant in the water, doesn't he?

Sara said...

Notice, too, that neither Hi nor Lois are watching the children as they play alarming close to the water's edge. Hi is large as you can see. His head is really in the clouds (or cloud). Perhaps this is why he is called "Hi."

And do I see children way out there in the water? They look like they are being pushed out to see. Oddly enough, they appear to be larger than the boat (sailboat?) off in the distance.

What is the white thing under the red umbrella? A snowman? I can't tell.

Michael Leddy said...

Given this family's approach to automotive safety, it's not surprising to see Lois oblivious.

Those kids are far out, though not as far out as the sailboat. (Out to see? That's what teeching does to you.)

The white thing is a killer seagull. Alfred Hitchcock is directing this episode of Hi and Lois.