Monday, August 18, 2008


When keeping track of things to do, I prefer paper. But I still find NowDoThis an attractive and useful online tool. It has the virtue of extreme simplicity: a text area of unvarying size in which to enter and arrange an unlimited number of items (a scroll bar appears when needed). After you save a list, your items appear in large bold type, one at a time, waiting for you to click "done." No registration required.

NowDoThis might prove especially useful in managing time spent in front of the computer. I can imagine, for instance, making a list of everyday online reading —

NY Times obits
Arts and Letters Daily
Inside Higher Ed
and so on, so as to limit idle browsing. Putting such a list in the Firefox sidebar looks like an especially nifty way to stay on task. (Please be sure to include Orange Crate Art on said list.)

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j said...

I found you while idly browsing... :)

j said...

Your sidebar: Don't look for premiums or coupons...


Michael Leddy said...

Idle browsing can be a great means of discovery but a procrastinator's undoing. For me, it's both.

Yes, Camels. Thank you for noticing!