Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Hey Jude"

Forty years ago today: the American release of the Beatles' "Hey Jude" (b/w "Revolution"). The promotional clips are still exciting to watch:

"Hey Jude" (YouTube)
"Revolution" (YouTube)

Wikipedia has helpful background on both songs.

That's my 45 above (mono!). It still works.

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Geo-B said...

I too remember when Hey Jude came out 40 years ago (I was at college) and last night in the Democratic National convention coverage they reminded me that it was 45 years ago that Martin Luther King gave his I Have a Dream speech which I also remember vividly. It's painful when you can remember things so well that happened 40 years ago. That's some serious numbers.

j said...

thanks for the links--

love your "I Remember" post on Sgt. Pepper

your related post links are great little bonuses

Anonymous said...

I'm preparing for a class tomorrow but couldn't help commenting -- Revolution -- awesome, awesomer, awesomest! Thanks for the post, Mike!

Michael Leddy said...

Serious numbers, indeed, George. I can remember listening to "Hey Jude" on the kitchen radio in the mid-afternoon (it must've been because school didn't begin until after Labor Day).

J., it's such a pleasure to know, as you do too, that someone is reading and enjoying your stuff.

Michael, thanks for stopping by. I'm preparing too. Now back to work!