Tuesday, August 26, 2008


They're not solar panels, oddly placed: the client's reply — "Now show me something I can afford to heat!" — rules them out. What then are those things? (And how many floors does this house have? And where's the front door?!)

Your speculations are welcome in the comments.

[Hi and Lois, August 26, 2008.]

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Sara said...

The front door is obviously on the roof, on the other side of the house. We, clearly, are in the backyard (give away: grass and bushes, no driveway). What, then, you might ask, is the for sale sign doing in the backyard? Well, a storm of biblical proportions has come through the area and has scattered pieces of the house: The for sale sign is now in the backyard, the door is on the roof, the solar panels are on the back of the house... (It was also a very "specific" storm in that it moved specific items to specific locations. You should see the neighbors' houses. They are practically inverted: Windows in interior rooms, bedrooms open to the weather.)

Why is the house "impressive"? Because it survived the storm.

Why can't the client afford it? There is the small matter of the front door on the roof and the solar panels on the back of the house...

It's possible that there is only one floor to this house... cathedral ceilings.


Geo-B said...

You seem like a level headed guy, but you may want to talk to someone about this Hi and Lois obsession.

Michael Leddy said...

Amazing, Holmes! ( I mean Sara.)

George, that's what these posts are for. : )

I read the comics daily (they provide the only reliable reporting in my local paper), and once I began to look at the art of Hi and Lois (which is good compared to, say, The Dinette Set), I was amazed at how strange the Flagston world has become. Comic art ain't what it used to be.

j said...

they're just having fun. if you can't have fun with the funnies, well, then, where can you? :)

I think the colors in the Sunday at the beach comic were compositionally pleasing. and you must admit, they're rocking your world. ;)

Michael Leddy said...

J, I just realized: they were visiting the Black Sea (groan).

My ideal in comic art is Ernie Bushmiller (Nancy, a deeply weird comic, I know) — his precision makes something like this strip look very slapdash to me. (Even the panel line on the far left is crooked!)

Michael said...

The curious wide windowlike panels seem like they could be a garage door except there is no driveway on that side of the house. Perhaps it was a garage and the people who live there don't own a car and so decided to sell their driveway (hence the sale sign in the empty lot)and use their neighbors access to the street.

Joanna said...

Japanese Capsule Hotel?

House inspired by Being John Malkovich?

Michael Leddy said...

Thanks for sharing the links, Joanna.