Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hi and Escher?

I thought first of Lucy's psychiatry stand, but the real inspiration here might be M.C. Escher.

[Hi and Lois, August 19, 2008.]

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j said...

I've tried to make the Escher connection since I read this yesterday, but can't think of anything of Escher's (that I know of) that fits..I need a clue, please.

I love Hi and Lois. Funny, they're younger than I am- how'd that happen?

Michael Leddy said...

No specific Escher connection, but look at the weirdness of that hot dog stand. What is the $1 sign attached to? Why is the stand missing a corner? What happened to the back?

I guess only For Better or for Worse has characters aging in real time. To me, the most troubling thing about Hi and Lois is that the delightful Lois Flagston is Beetle Bailey's sister. I still can't believe it.

j said...

Well, I am laughing over your wonderment.

[Maybe he takes after his uncle, and she's just like their mom. ;) ]

Anonymous said...

Maybe that IS the back and it's just a sign with a picture of the hotdog salesman on it.

chaffinch said...

it amused me that the character in the centre bares a remarkable likeness to mayor of London Boris Johnson. Perhaps the toon has political subtext that has been going way over our heads

Jai said...

That's a trashy hot dog stand, look at the discarded hubcaps leaning against it! My first thought was also that the hot dog man is simply part of a poster on the back of the stand, because that (Strangely - I mean, why advertise a man with a weird old-fashioned mustache holding a cup for a dollar?) makes the most sense. I think that's supposed to be their money that the man is holding, too, which makes it worse (Maybe it's a check? Hot dog vendors take checks, right?).

And, let's not forget, the soda and chips are free with your one-dollar hot dog (Why else would there be those "--" slashes?). The hot dogs must be terrible! As evidenced by the huge dollop of sweat or mayonnaise falling from one of the dogs.