Saturday, August 16, 2008

Persian salad

Another recipe of daunting complexity, with several ingredients and several steps. But master it I did. Persian salad is an exciting alternative to coleslaw or potato salad when grilling or picnicking (and when not grilling or picnicking).

1. Peel and dice a large cucumber.
2. Dice a large tomato and ten to twelve scallions.
3. Combine the above ingredients in a bowl.
4. Add the juice of a large lemon, a teaspoon half-teaspoon of salt, a half-teaspoon of black pepper, and a generous dash of cayenne pepper.
5. Stir and serve.

If you're preparing this dish in advance, keep it in the Frigidaire, and hold off on the cayenne until serving.

This recipe came my way some years ago, without attribution, in a newsletter from a local car dealership. I've rewritten it and added the word generous in front of dash.


June 24, 2014: The salt now seems overpowering. I’ve cut it by half.

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