Saturday, November 10, 2018

“Welcome to Congress”

[Barry Blitt, “Welcome to Congress.” The New Yorker, November 19, 2018. Click for a larger view.]

At The New Yorker, Françoise Mouly has a brief commentary on the cover illustration. Which reminds me of this image:

[Teacher’s Pet (dir. George Seaton, 1958). Click for a larger view.]

I saved the screenshot of an all-white, nearly all-male newsroom years ago, thinking it might prove useful in teaching. (Two women, also white, appear in the background, one wearing a hat that may signify society page.) It should come as no surprise that the men at the table are staring at yet another white man, a journalist played by Clark Gable.

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Daughter Number Three said...

Reminds me of the photo from the Star Tribune in the late 40s, shown near the end of this post...

Michael Leddy said...

Good grief — it’s virtually the same scenario. Thanks for sharing it here. Maybe it’s what made the scene in Teacher’s Pet stick in my head when I saw it.