Saturday, November 3, 2018

iOS Safari search suggestions


Try as I might, I cannot figure out how to remove search suggestions from Safari on an iPhone XR. Suggestions appear above the keyboard when I tap the address bar after reading a webpage. They appear regardless of my choice of search engine (DuckDuckGo or Google). They appear with some webpages, not all. The suggestions in the screenshot result from an article about a clock master. Side by side, the words pendulum and escapement make me think of the vocabulary work that might have accompanied a middle-school reading assigment.

In iOS Settings, I have disabled every search option for Safari and Siri that I can find, and still, these suggestions appear. They appear even with predictive text disabled. My iPhone 6, also running iOS 12.01, doesn’t show these suggestions, or any suggestions.

Does anyone know how to make these Safari suggestions go away?

[The Internets suggest that a handful of people have asked the same question. A discussion thread at Apple shows the problem, unresolved, since iOS 11. The solution, for now, would seem to be a different browser.]

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