Saturday, November 10, 2018

Today’s Saturday Stumper

How do you solve a puzzle by Frank Longo? How do you find the words that really fit? How you solve a puzzle by Frank Longo? You have to stick with it and give it your best — don’t quit!

Today’s Newsday Saturday Stumper — well, difficulty, thy name is Longo. Solving this puzzle last night took me an hour and thirty-six seconds. (Thanks, Newsday puzzle timer.) A stage version of The Sound of Music was on PBS, but I was on the puzzle, which comes online at 10:00 Eastern.

Clues that I especially liked: 3-Down, “Poetic rapper of renown.” 11-Across, four letters: “Nickname for some spoilers.” And 22-Across, four letters: “No hitter of film.” I got the first answer straight off. The second answer made me smile. The third is the kind of answer I especially like, the kind that makes me look back at the clue and ask What? before I figure it out.

No spoilers; the answers are in the comments.

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