Thursday, November 29, 2018

EXchange name sighting: MUrray Hill

[50¢ a yard!]

You never know what you might find in a supply closet. When my daughter Rachel saw this envelope full of fabric, she took a photograph and told me to check out the phone number. MUrray Hill!

New Yorkers of a certain age may remember the MUrray Hill exchange from commercials for Gimbel’s Custom Reupholstery. MUrray Hill 7-7500. MUrray Hill 7-7500. The commercials ran on WPIX-TV during morning cartoons and Little Rascals shorts. Yes, my school day, at least my elementary-school day, began with television. Better Living Through TV.

The Textile Building, at 295 Fifth Avenue, houses the showrooms of many textile manufacturers. The address is in Murray Hill, a section of Manhattan that gave its name to a telephone exchange. Liberty Fabrics at some point said goodbye to Murray Hill and MUrray Hill: the company’s New York showroom is now at 584 Broadway, in Lower Manhattan.

Thank you, Rachel.

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zzi said...

It's Murry Hill seven seven five hundred. It was on TV all the time on Channel 5.
No call letters. Thank you

Michael Leddy said...

WNEW, another indie. Home of Wonderama!

Anonymous said...

I was talking with my sibs and recalling "Murray Hill 7, 7-500." I Googled to make sure I had the number right and came upon this old post about telephone exchanges. As kids, our exchange was Walnut. I remember our mother saying our phone number as Walnut one XXXX. As for Wonderama, I remember well Sandy Becker (and him as Hambone). I loved the show but was peeved that I could never be in the running to join the kids on the set. But I never asked an adult about what it would take.

Michael Leddy said...

I’m glad this post was here for you to find. : )

I remember Sandy Becker too, but he had his own show. Wonderama, at least when I watched it, was always Sonny Fox. I never had any idea how kids got on that show. I just somehow figured it wasn’t for me.