Wednesday, November 14, 2018


I almost found a fix for my Blogger-and-MarsEdit paragraph-break trouble. Richard Abbott’s comment on this post prompted me to look at my Blogger template — which I hardly understand but am willing to snoop around in. I tried various settings related to post format — margins, padding, line height — and almost got things to look right by changing values in the bits of code for .post and .post h3. But my tinkering always left something off: a smaller gap between post title and text meant smaller spaces between paragraphs. I could find no way to push a post title down, so to speak, closer to the first line of text, without side effects.

This post’s title has at least two meanings. I did not find a fix: there is no -da, only a ta. And I’ve decided to say “Ta” to my Blogger-and-MarsEdit paragraph-break trouble. I still mind the gap. But I’m not going to dwell on it. I’ll just delete <p> and </p> tags and be on my way.

Reader, if you decide to tinker with a Blogger template, save a copy first. Preview your changes. Keep track of what you’re changing. And proceed at your own risk. Then again, you may not be inordinately particular about paragraph breaks to begin with.


A fix! So now there’s a -da.

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