Monday, December 14, 2015

Domestic comedy

[Elaine observed that this Christmas season has been her busiest as a musician .]

“Is that all Christmas is to you? A great big dollar sign atop a tree?”

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[Elaine too has succumbed to the fatal attraction of Hallmark. So she immediately understood what I was up to with this bit of fake indignation.]

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Fresca said...

Someone donated a pile of Lifetime movies to the Thrift Store, and one of my co-herders commented on how wonderful! they are.

"Do you like Hallmark movies too?" I asked.

"Oh, yes!"

I just googled them and found one about a blogger. Perhaps I need to watch this. Just as research, you understand:

All Things Valentine
Holiday, Original, Romance | TV-G
Avery, a blogger with a string of disappointing Valentine’s Days, is ready to give up on love when she meets handsome veterinarian Brenden.

A handsome veterinarian. OMG, so adorable.

Michael Leddy said...

OMG, yes. There will be puppies!