Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 1915

[“Salesgirls’ Holiday Real Christmas Gift: Trying Season in Stores on Nerves and Muscles Ends with a Big Rush. A Big Year for Buying. ‘Shop Early’ Campaign Not Ineffective and Last Day’s Crush at Counters Has Been Worse.” The New York Times, December 25, 1915.]

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it.

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The Crow said...

And I thought we had it bad when I worked for the Postal Service!

Merry Christmas, Michael, Elaine and family. (Thank you for your card. I'm treasuring [is that a proper verb?] the envelope as much as the sentiment inside.)

Michael Leddy said...

D’oh! :)

Frex said...

...and Happy Boxing Day, today! XO Fresca

Michael Leddy said...

Same to you. When I was a kid, I thought it meant that people boxed up presents and took them back to exchange. I wonder if I was duped by a joke on Ed Sullivan or something.