Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Domestic comedy

[Elaine made a killer soup .]

“And you didn’t measure anything?”

“I measured two bunches of scallions and one onion.”

“That’s not measuring; that’s counting!”

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[No leeks at the supermarket. So instead: potatoes, scallions, an onion, chicken stock, butter, milk, salt. Elaine added more details in the comments.]

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Berit said...

I want some! It sounds amazing!

I also want some King Oscar sardines in Mustard. I remember them from my childhood as being so delicious, but I never see mustard flavor when I look now.

Michael Leddy said...

It was a great soup. All gone!

The King Oscar website lists sardines in mustard, but not even Amazon has them. Maybe they have to be DIY.

Elaine Fine said...

I peeled and quartered the potatoes (some were Golden potatoes and some were red potatoes) and put them in water to boil. Then I sliced the onion and the two bunches of scallions and cooked them in some unsalted Kerry Gold butter until they got soft. After that I poured a quart-sized container of unsalted chicken stock in and brought it up to a boil. I drained the potatoes and put them in the onion-enhanced stock, and I cooked everything together until the potatoes were soft. Then I used an immersion blender to purée the mixture. I added sea salt to taste (I always trust my salt more than a manufacturer's salt) and then poured in some (maybe half a cup) of lactose-free whole milk that Michael bought by accident.

It was a great soup. The whole process took about 45 minutes.

Frex said...

If I weren't already making carrot ginger soup, I would make this soup--it sounds so, so good.
Maybe for New Year's...
--Thanks! Fresca

Michael Leddy said...

Elaine is a ginger fan. Me too. Will investigate — thanks!