Friday, May 22, 2015

Why Elaine Fine (still) blogs

“I see that even though you are on Facebook you still keep a blog. Why do you need to write long blog posts when you can instantly share pictures, birthday greetings, and observations with hundreds of people you know?” Veranda Davenport interviews Elaine Fine, who explains why she (still) blogs.

[Fresca posed the question to her readers earlier this month. My reply is in this post.]

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Chris said...

I used to make use of the Notes feature on Facebook but over time it seemed fewer and fewer people ever responded. I crosspost my blog to Facebook but I generally assume that most of my FB friends (whom I know from various parts of my life) aren't likely to be interested in the subject matter. And I don't use the blog for anything personal.

"Remarks are not literature" — Gertrude Stein

Fresca said...

Three bloggers have written about this now--I will post a link to them all, soonish.