Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Joseph Mitchell the collector

[Poster for The Collector: Joseph Mitchell’s Quotidian Quest, a 2009 exhibit of photographs by Steve Featherstone, at Duke University’s Kreps Gallery.]

Here is an article about the exhibit. And here is an article, slightly fuzzy, with more photographs of Mitchell’s finds. My favorite detail: the wedding-day doorknob.

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The Crow said...

Now I don't feel so bad about my years-old collection of ordinary things which have caught my eye, most of which I remember where I found them - but, not all.

Michael Leddy said...

Same. My accumulations are exceedingly modest compared by comparison.

Fresca said...

The Center for Documentary Studies?

There's a center for documentary studies?!?

I want to study there! Is tuition free?

The Crow said...

"...compared by comparison"?

;} (VGB!)

(I shouldn’t point - I wrote, sometime back, maybe, the word since [I think] when I intended either scents or sense…but I can’t remember today, nor can I find it in the comments I’ve left in your blog. Some days it sucks big time to be getting older.)

Michael Leddy said...

Oh crikey. I wrote it one way (“compared to Mitchell’s”) and then another and didn’t notice what I left behind. I think there’s something about the Internets that encourages mistakes in comments.

Fresca, being that it’s Duke, I’m sure the cost is minimal. :)

Tom the Piper's Son said...

Michael -

It's been years since I blogged on BlogSpot but I still enjoy visiting your site and I'm particularly glad to see these post re: Joseph Mitchell. I'm enjoying My Ears Are Bent and McSorley's Wonderful Saloon so it's only apropos that I give you a tip of the hat and a thank you here.

Tom Clohessy

Michael Leddy said...

Hi, Tom. I’m happy to know you’re out there. I miss reading you (and Relative Esoterica). Having finished the Mitchell bio, I went through “Mr. Hunter’s Grave” this afternoon. I’m in awe of the guy.