Saturday, May 23, 2015

Abbey Powell writes

Abbey Powell of the United States Department of Agriculture writes about her appearance as a character in Mark Trail: “Invasive Pest Invades a National Comic Strip” (USDA Blog).

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[“Invasive Pest”: I think that’s meant to be funny. If not, it’s also funny.]

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The Crow said...

When I click on your link to previous Mark Trail posts, I get Amy Powell's Linkedin page. (???)

Read her blog post. Wanted to see if I needed to apologize for any particularly snarky words left at one of your AB-MarkTrail posts. Hope not.

Michael Leddy said...

Wrong link — I fixed it.

That the storyline turned Abbey Powell into a damsel in distress — tripping and falling, losing her glasses, saved by Mark and told to run while he helps the pilot — it’s all pretty retrograde. I think Ms. Powell is being incredibly tactful.