Wednesday, May 6, 2015

“OH NO!!”

[Mark Trail, May 6, 2015.]

“OH NO!!” is what Abbey Powell (a real person) should have said when Mark Trail called her about the problem in Wallace Wood’s timber empire. Better still: she should have spent Invasive Plant Pest and Disease Month (April) on vacation. Having tripped on a log, she has now lost her glasses and her truck. I would like to say that no one can take away her dignity, but I think James Allen’s comic strip already has.

I think that those are flaming truck parts leaping up at Ms. Powell. As I said on April 14, the day she entered the strip: Run, Abbey, run!

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The Crow said...

I must need new glasses. Truck parts is the last thing I'd have thought of!

Michael Leddy said...

Or someone needs a new artist. :)

Anonymous said...

'Having tripped on a log, hen has now lost hen's glasses and hen's truck.' My glasses are reserved for single malt, and definitely not in the comical woods.

Elaine said...

They resemble small cowpats rather than truck parts. Is this where Mark notices what pretty um, eyes she has?