Saturday, May 30, 2015

Amieux-Freres sardines

[Advertisement by Georges Fay, 1896–1900. From the New York Public Library Digital Collections. Click for a larger view.]

An approximate translation: “Amieux Brothers / Sardines and other canned goods / 11 factories employing 3500 workers producing 12 million cans a year / Required on every can: Our motto is like our name: Always the best.” I like the pun on Amieux and à mieux.

I may forget litotes , but I never forget sardines. Amieux Freres continues to this day. Not a bad run.

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Chris said...

Our latest sardine experiment was a quasi-Chinese stir fry with scallions, cabbage, and asparagus, a bit of soy sauce, and then chopped-up sardines once the vegetables were sufficiently cooked. It was quite good, although the little bit that was left over looked pretty uninspiring the next day and we wound up tossing it.

Michael Leddy said...

Sounds really good. But yeah, sardine leftovers (which I’ve yet to experience) would have to look less than appetizing.

The Subliminal Mr Dunn said...

I bought some very expensive tins of sardines in Porto last year. That's where the best sardines are said to come from. Imagine my horror when they were confiscated at Customs!

Michael Leddy said...

I’ve been reading about them, and about French sardines. I want to hire a sardine mule.