Thursday, February 5, 2015

X does not mark the spot

It happened again: holding a MacBook Pro in front of me to show some photographs to students, I ended up touching the screen to close out the slideshow. Stupid screen!

Stupid indeed — or in tech terms, dumb. And how remarkable that touching a screen should become so intuitive. I wonder whether my mistake is a common one.

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Slywy said...

I've done it once or twice, although not publicly. Now, of course, there are touch-screen PCs . . .

(I'm sitting here, pretending to be Picard reading his screen in his ready room.)

Elaine said...

I've caught myself more than once, upstairs at my PC, leaning forward to tap the monitor. After it fails to respond, I either (a) tap it again, or (b) do the head-slap bit.

The news seems to be, any advance in technology will spoil us for previous (still perfectly good) technology. (I sold my Featherweight Singer sewing machine because now I can't function without a knee-lift --something of an extra hand.)