Monday, May 5, 2014

Naked City Mongol

[From the Naked City episode “Dust Devil on a Quiet Street,” November 28, 1962. Click for a larger view.]

Get a good look at this counterman (Martin Sheen). His shirt: crisp and clean. His hair: neatly combed. And his pencil: a Mongol no. 2.

The Mongol is, at least in my overactive imagination, the official pencil of the Naked City. The brand makes three pretty conspicuous appearances in the series. This has been one of them.

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Sean said...

Now that's what I call a "beauty shot."

The Crow said...

Zen Pencils comics: whoa! Love this stuff! Found it when I followed your link to PBS' Fragile Trust film.

Thanks for them both.

(I save pencil stubs, broken pencils. One highly prized one is a turquoise with orange lettering from General, from my high school days. The eraser turned to rubber dust years ago, the shaft is too short to sharpen [safely], and it still bears my teeth marks from my nervous chewing during tests.)

Michael Leddy said...

Sean, this pencil was as ready as it could be for its closeup.

Martha, I can appreciate your choosing to hold on to that pencil. A madeleine!

The Crow said...

Do you suppose Proust saved pencil stubs, too?

Michael Leddy said...

I don’t recall anything about Proust and pencils. I do know that he liked Sergeant-Major nibs and often wrote in school notebooks. In other words, the plainest materials. His
housekeeper Céleste Albaret reports him as saying, “Some people need a beautiful pen to write with, but all I need is ink and paper. If I didn't have a pen holder, I would manage with a stick.” There’s more in this post.

zzi said...

Is that Martin Sheen?

Michael Leddy said...

Yes. He’s in the first sentence: “Get a good look at this counterman (Martin Sheen).”