Friday, May 2, 2014

Mark Trail revised

[Mark Trail, May 2, 2014.]

Like films and television shows, Mark Trail at times has continuity problems. In yesterday’s strip, it was getting late, and dark. Darkness filled the darkening air. Today, too, it’s getting late, as Cherry Trail observes, but things are brighter, lighter. Whither the dark?

[There it is! Mark Trail revised, May 2, 2014.]

Joining yesterday’s revision to today’s would make a nice strip:

[Mark Trail revised, May 1–2, 2014.]

But the more I studied Cherry’s face, the more I could see only one thing to do:

[Cherry Cherry Cherry Cherry, May 2, 2014.]

Note: No one — no one — messes with Cherry’s hair.

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[All revisions made with the free Mac app Seashore and Preview’s Instant Alpha tool. I am beginning to understand Alpha.]

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The Crow said...

Thank you for these images, Michael. They've made my day!

(Loved the comment about Cherry's hair. You out-Warholled* Warhol, too!)

*Extra 'l' in Warholled added because, otherwise, it was too close to being snarky without it, and I like Warhol's work too much to ever do that.

Michael Leddy said...

Yes, the extra l is a good idea.

I’m glad you enjoyed these. It was great fun to make them.

Slywy said...

Hmmm, it's well beyond "getting dark" in those panels!