Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mark Trail revised

[Mark Trail, May 1, 2014.]

[Mark Trail revised, May 1, 2014.]

Thinking about this panel, I thought of Sappho: “Midnight. / The hour has gone by. / I sleep alone.” I thought of Djuna Barnes: “Watchman, What of the Night?” I thought of Ted Berrigan: “It is night. You are asleep. And beautiful tears / Have blossomed in my eyes.” And then I just thought “night.”

To revise this panel, I borrowed some night (not pants) from today’s Hi and Lois.

[Hi and Lois, May 1, 2014.]

It’s getting late. I was supposed to punch in at the Continental Paper Grading Co. nineteen minutes ago. Back tomorrow.

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[The lines from Sappho are from Stanley Lombardo’s 2002 translation. “Watchman, What of the Night?” is a chapter title in the novel Nightwood (1936). “It is night”: from XXXVII, The Sonnets (1964).]

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The Crow said...

And, yet...we still read his thoughts.

Has he forgotten, this amazing man of the woods, that bears - even grizzlies (though not often and not high) - climb trees?

Michael, you stated that the last two were not as easy, intuitive, as the others. Perhaps not (only you can tell), but they are perfect revisions and indicate - to me, at least - a natural talent for humor and irony.

You go, dude!

Michael Leddy said...

About humor, I guess I stand convicted.

About Mark: don’t forget that he stunned the bear by hitting it on the head with a large branch. The bear has had a bad foot ever since. (I know: logic?) If you want to follow Mark every day: Msrk Trail. He’s available elsewhere online too.