Friday, May 9, 2014

IBM in Naked City?

A reader writes:

Naked City shot one episode in an IBM office. My [late] father was working there at the time, and said that a girl ran down the hallway and all the IBMers were instructed to open their office doors and look out. Would you be able to tell me which episode this might be?
My correspondent thinks that the episode aired in May or June of 1961, ’62, or ’63.

I think the episode might be “The Multiplicity of Herbert Konish,” which aired on May 23, 1962. It's the only episode I can recall offhand in which office life is prominent. (It also happens to be one of my favorite episodes.) But no one runs in this episode, and there’s no one looking out from an office doorway. As my correspondent notes, such a scene may have been filmed and left unused.

Naked City viewers: is another episode more likely? Adair, can you help here?

Another way at the question: does anyone recognize IBM in these scenes?

[Detective Adam Flint (Paul Burke) on the premises. The name on the door may be a fiction: I can find no trace of it.]

[David Wayne as Herbert Konish, pressing Down.]

[William LeMassena as Mr. Hanley, looking up an account in a Rolodex. Click any image for a larger view.]

The IMDb page for this episode has only Biograph Studios (in the Bronx) as a location. But these interiors do not look like sets. And Washington Square Park is conspicuous in this episode, so plainly the page is incomplete. As you may have already guessed, I haven’t found interior images of IBM offices circa 1960.

“The Multiplicity of Herbert Konish” is the subject of one, two, three previous OCA posts.

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