Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tendered buttons

From an argument against attaching Like, Retweet, and +1 buttons to online content:

In a medium full of advertisement and self-promotion, every unnecessary pixel of noise and “click-me!”-begging should be avoided if it can be.

Oliver Reichenstein, Sweep the Sleaze (iA, via Daring Fireball)
Note the deft hyphenation: “‘click-me!’-begging.” I like that. But I have never liked buttons and have never added them to Orange Crate Art posts. To my eyes, buttons are a distraction. Rather than click, I prefer to leave comments, send links to relevant family members, friends, and associates, and write about items of interest here. As I just have.

[Yes, the post title is an unnecessary Gertrude Stein pun.]

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The Arthurian said...

I'm with you on not adding more and more lowest-common-denominator crap to every blog on the internets.

Oops. I didn't even notice the deft hyphenation till you pointed it out. Most sophisticated.

Speaking of buttons... My son was here over the long weekend, with wife and two-year-old. When Jerry tried to "get a little work done" on his laptop, my grandson was trying to "push daddy's buttons".

Michael Leddy said...

Those seem to be the most satisfying buttons of all — surefire entertainment when dad goes bonkers. (I’ve been that dad.)

Michael Leddy said...

Bonkers: meaning exasperated, frustrated, not crazy or violent. :)