Monday, May 7, 2012

Indy serendipity

The unexpected highlight of a day in Indianapolis: talking and singing (“Mairzy Doats”) with a guide at the Indiana Historical Society. What a guy. He radiated good humor and warmth.

Only after the fact did we learn that we had met Hal Fryar, Harlow Hickenlooper of Indianapolis children’s television. Hal hosted the city’s Three Stooges Show. As a native Brooklynite, I’d put it this way: Harlow Hickenlooper : Indianapolis :: Officer Joe Bolton : New York City. Both men appeared in the 1965 Three Stooges film The Outlaws Is Coming.

Why did we visit the Indiana Historical Society? We were walking along the city’s canal, and the building was there. The best adventures are unplanned, no?

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Elaine Fine said...

Yes! And I should add that the "Stardust Cafe," where we went for a much-needed snack, has Indianapolis-specific early 20th-century music
stuff lining its walls, and a nifty mural featuring Hoagy Carmichael. And I should also add the admission to the exhibits is free for teachers (with ID cards).