Monday, May 14, 2012

College Debt

A New York Times feature on the rising cost of college: Degrees of Debt.

[My two cents: the present state of things cannot be sustained. I can easily — and uneasily — anticipate a future in which the four-year residential college becomes once again an opportunity for a relatively small number of students, while many others receive a diminished education, earning vocationally-themed degrees or certificates in more affordable ways.]

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Anonymous said...

Education has never been exceptionally expensive. Books and resources aplenty there are, and more today than ever before. On the other hand, a piece of paper saying some institution watched you attend classes is becoming very expensive. Gaining more education each and every day, I have no patience for the worries about "costs" and "debt." Only the other day my old public university sent me a letter by the academic dean begging for money. His salary and benefits is four times greater than mine; I laughed at the appeal and dumped the letter (like others before it) in the trash. Education remains affordable, as were winning my degrees in my day. Degree mills today are not affordable. The answer becomes obvious. It is just not an answer Dean So-and-So appreciates.