Friday, May 4, 2012

Arkhonia on the Beach Boys

Arkhonia cares about the Beach Boys’ musical legacy and writes about that legacy at length. There’s life beyond “Kokomo.”

[It’s hard out here for a Beach Boys fan. You’re always having to explain yourself to people. The “reunion” doesn’t make that any easier.]

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Robert Gable said...

As one who went to high school in Kokomo (Indiana), I never liked the Beach Boys song about a mythical Kokomo.

Though, I did hear Good Vibrations the other day, and it was more instrumentally interesting than I remembered.

Michael Leddy said...

Having come to Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys late in the game (1999), I’d say that almost everything about their music is more interesting than I remembered. I was a Beatles fan and thought of Beach Boys music as cars, gurls, and matching shirts.