Saturday, July 30, 2011

Orange peel art

[“British Orange Peeler.” Photograph by Wallace Kirkland. August 8, 1950. From the Life Photo Archive.]

It’s a photograph that seems to say, “It’s called surréalisme, you lousy Philistines!”

This photograph did not appear in Life, but another (by the same photographer) appeared beneath a letter responding to a Life item about a French waiter’s orange-peeling skills:

[Life, August 28, 1950.]

A quick trip through the Life Photo Archive confirms that the monocled fellow is indeed David Leven, using the peeler he invented. I’m guessing that Dale = Da[vid] + Le[ven]. I can find online nothing about the inventor or his work.

[Does “Orange peeler in action” mean the device, or the man?]

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Rachel said...

This is so weird!